Channeling: Society, Entertainment and Anxiety

This is my first publication of a channeling session. I generally do my channeling every morning and it usually arrives with a level of energy and power that is so immense I can’t even write quickly enough. What is presented here are some observations on the current state of entertainment in society and how it is directly linked to the anxiety epidemic. I also receive this channeling in the form of certain perspectives. It feels as if my mind’s eye is being directed to look at various structures and imbalances in the way we are living currently. I just write it down as given to me. All of the observations are linked together but not necessarily in an obvious way. They are meant to be read with an active mind. They are observations not directives. I hope you get something out of them.

Aristotle wrote books on how to differentiate the essence of something and what is not essential to that essence. We still haven’t listened – it is just too much work and being in error is better than doing work. But if we had listened, racism, sexism, all -isms would be impossible.

What is possible for something is always determined by the nature of that something. If we understood what the essence of being human is, we might have a better idea of what is possible to manifest in this life of ours. But we are a culture who is absorbed in entertainment and distraction. Even good things such as exercise and science are abused to avoid looking at the nature of reality in the mirror.

ENTERTAIN: late 15c., “to keep up, maintain, to keep (someone) in a certain frame of mind,” from Middle French entretenir (12c.), from Old French entretenir “hold together,stick together,support,” from entre- “among” (from Latin inter ; see inter-) + tenir “to hold” (Latin tenere)

Entertainment in excess is a vice that is deadlier than cigarettes. It leads to absorption inside the other, and a lack of recognition of the self, and therefore a lack of unity and wholeness. The self becomes a pastiche of various opinions and personalities and dramas that do not seem to make a cohesive whole. They battle against one another for dominance. The individual who is absorbed within the world like this has difficulty processing his life a unit. He will always avoid intimacy because he will feel there is nothing there.

Entertainment sells. Even shopping has become entertaining and self indulgent: Amazon. Videos, emails, social media, video games, books, online courses. Advice, opinions, wise people everywhere. Everywhere you look, there is a place to dive into away from yourself.

Modern consumer culture is not of things, but of entertainment and information. Directly linked to anxiety. Anxiety arises from a loss of control and feelings of panic. Yes, when you spend most of your life listening to the world outside instead of inside, you are going to panic.

In life, we’re meant to build our own sea vessel. Most people are spending their time looking to buy sea vessels,find opinions about sea vessels, different techniques for building/navigating them. Scared and unfulfilled they then spend the rest of their time Googling “anxiety”

Holy Place: That emptiness you talk about within you? That “nothingness”? It is just the quiet space where no noise can enter, a holy place, a place of serenity and peace. And should you remain there still for a while, you will witness how the divine light enters you.

In life, we’re meant to build our own sea vessel. Most people are spending their time looking to buy sea vessels,find opinions about sea vessels, different techniques for building/navigating them. Scared and unfulfilled they then spend the rest of their time Googling “anxiety”

You can’t catch the right fish? Maybe you are in the wrong ocean.

There are so many drugs designed to alleviate our fear of life. There are predators who both consciously and unconsciously have an interest in perpetuating fear – just to have that big house and a yacht. The irony is they are more afraid than the people they sell their drugs to.

Society operates the way birds fly together. The individuals inform together making a perfectly balanced arrow shape in the sky. There are those who lead the way and those who follow behind, but they all keep in sync together. It is not true that the leading bird is showing the way. He is showing the way in the context of what is possible within that species of bird. He is limited by that, and he will do what is expected of him in that society. A society that feeds off of fear and pain, will make sure that fear and pain remains and that their leaders do not disturb or transform that pain through cures or rehabilitation.

We think that voting for new leaders will change society. That is an illusion. The leaders will not change anything. They will only increase the addiction and ailments in which the current society thrives.

Once you find your light and your power for good, you must be careful to keep it clear and powerful and nurturing for yourself and for those around you. It is easy to get caught up in all sorts of energies that will keep you away from seeing clearly.

So how to transform society? You don’t. Societies can only be dissolved or become unusable, like an old glove that has too many holes to be useful anymore.

Once the consciousness can see the absurdity and uselessness of the society it is in, and once that consciousness spreads, the society as it was will be discarded and quickly.

Society has an energy that sticks to your person. Some people think that morality comes from society. That is not true. Morality comes from everything that isn’t society. Society will however use morality in order to make itself feel good.

Become aware of yourself as an entity or being who has society’s fingers all over you. It could be felt or viewed as obscene. Certainly, inappropriate.

Going within doesn’t mean you want to be forever isolated from society. It is just that going within will allow us all to create a better society more suitable to individuals who love life, soul, and the planet.

Raising your consciousness is not easy. It isn’t a yoga pose. I am not going to lie. You will feel like you are falling apart. And you are meant to fall apart. Keep going. What collapses so easily isn’t worth keeping.

What is truly yours and of yourself will never fall away from you. Everything else is not yours or of yourself, so let it go. The more you cling to what is not yours, the more you suffer.

Simple Love Songs

when I did deeply fall in love with him,
I found myself hidden in ancient tunnels,
and I panicked that I might be forever lost
in darkness I screamed but with careful beauty
that I might not scare him further far away
and should he run faster than a bitter wind
I wrote him poems about the fresh gentle breeze,
that he might too with ease abide the storms,
and brave infernal air with simple love songs

veil of swords

Fear is a veil of mighty swords

reflecting sun in sharpened silver;

even light seems to cut and bleed

to those concealed behind them

who deem living as exquisite pain

as hands reach between the blades

their longing hearts unable to follow.

when i fell in love

when I did deeply fall in love with him,
I found myself hidden in ancient tunnels,
and I panicked that I might be forever lost
in darkness I screamed but with careful beauty
that I might not scare him further far away
and should he run faster than a bitter wind
I wrote poems about the fresh gentle breeze,
that he might too with ease abide the storms,
and brave infernal air with simple love songs

busy mind

day like today when my mind is too busy to rest,
stirred and hurried in unexpected circumstance
busy catching rain drops, drops of blood, tears drop
yet I cannot keep what does not want to be kept,
hands open fingers wide to let it all escape outside
still I keep close to my heart the place we had found
enfolded in our time, in a strange uncanny space,
soul-shocked lungs had forgotten how to breathe
never knew how until I began to breathe with you
wide plains where we lay beneath the double suns
songs as snow shimmering dazzles us in its solemn
falling, falling softly like the love we forget to see
your hurried mind stealing quick too far from me.

Copyright © 2019 Stacey Harris

moving on

she looked upon the grand castle she had built,
years as layers of stones strong, fixed, sure
now complete with everything in proper place
beautiful and triumphant against bluest skies
but it no longer had any need of her fine craft
and so she would walk outside along the roads
looking for a soul that might show her new ways
to see something other than castles and clear skies
but no one would approach her except bird and mice
so she quickly took to strange valleys and hills
then trails haphazard of the nearby shady forest
trees giving crowded comfort to her loneliness
as the summer sun played with the dancing shades
until winter cast shadows shaped stiff and rigid
and she would conceal herself holding heat within
especially in the afternoons of winter she loved
when the sun would without regret tearless depart
leaving her alone in dark despair, heart beating
in both fear and desire to have him lost to her
just so she could feel the passion deep longing
for the sun that always returns but never remains.

Copyright © 2019 Stacey Harris


the messages are increasing their volume,
I always heard them but never listened,
for I thought they were mere thoughts
just thinkings rattling inside my head
maybe from my father or from my mother
perhaps an old friend I never saw again
reflecting echo of a time that’s passed
still riding the waves of my endless sea
accumulating as the voices I’d dismissed
until all songs became a single lonely one
angels, devils, spirits, guides, and God
one they’d seem and what they seemed to be
was the thought they were a singular Me.

Copyright © 2019 Stacey Harris

Twin Flame Divine Feminine Collective: Moon Goddess Pities the Fool

Goddess energy, moon goddess energy, the divine feminine: all of these labels are common terms within the twin flame collective. It is truly inspiring to see women returning to their sense of power and beauty. I myself have spent many years working in a very masculine profession – software engineering – and I would often struggle in my attempt to be more like the “guys”. I was expected to be like them in order to compete for the same jobs, salary, bonuses, etc. It seemed to me to be the only way. And I watched other women around me grow hard, powerful, willful, unbending.
But for me – and I am sure many of them – it was an uncomfortable, albeit profitable, undertaking. But it never truly felt like “me”.

Fast forward to the present. I, like many other men and women, find myself on the twin flame journey. However, we all know how most of the awakened ones in this twin flame journey are the women. After all, the men seem to be the ones running away from this connection out of fear, attachment, or limited awareness of how profound and life changing this connection is.

As a result of this perception of the sleeping male beauty, many twin flame feminines are choosing to go it alone. They are choosing to stand in their power by discovering who they are, what they want out of life, and how they are going to be of service to humanity. They are collectively supporting each other in what appears to be a community of women, a nation of the matriarchy, a return to the power of the self proclaimed goddess, free and unbounded by masculine templates, restrictions, and requirements, all the things that made me and other women so uncomfortable in both work and social situations.

But what if this was all an illusion? What if the female is still bounded by the illusions of the reality she believes she has awakened to? What if the masculine isn’t actually less asleep than she is. What if she is the one who is still the sleeping beauty and that she just hasn’t allowed the masculine to find her, not because he just doesn’t get it yet and is slow, but because the feminine is supposed to provide the groundwork for the masculine. Support, not blame and criticism is what is required here. But so many women in the collective have been giving up and have surrendered, saying that they will take this journey without their divine masculines. Many have been doing this for many, many years. And many have been calling this surrender.

What if it isn’t surrender that many are doing. Based on this reading, it appears as if instead of surrendering, many women have been using their own power to deny the masculine theirs.

Spirit is revealing to me that this is in fact the case. There are many feminines in the collective who are taking their own self empowerment too far; so far that the masculine doesn’t even have a chance.

Let us see what Spirit might be trying to tell us.

The layout is simple of this spread is simple. I have drawn two rows of seven cards. The First row uses the Rider-Waite deck and indicates the main message of this spread. The second Row uses the Energy Oracle Deck by Sandra Anne Taylor and simply confirms, strengthens or clarifies the first row.

The topic of this message is Moon Goddess Energy. We have the The Moon card in the first row and the Goddess of the Moon card in the second. We couldn’t be more clear on what Spirit is trying to tell us.

The Reading

The first card I drew is The Moon. It also shows up as the Goddess of the Moon card in the second row. Before I proceed, let us just get a little background on the meaning of The Moon card.

The Moon card in the Rider-Waite deck is placed after the The Star and before The Sun. The Star indicates renewal, hope, new beginnings. The Star displays a naked feminine being guided by the great Star, a masculine principle of the night sky. She is lead by him. He gives her light so that she might carefully poor the water into the earth, to create rivers, lakes, oceans, seas perhaps. Now in The Moon card that woman has become a goddess of illumination, imagination, duality, dreams, and possibilities. She is the goddess of intuition. She inspires power into the realm of the dream and inspiration. She has the power to conceive of what even might seem impossible. However, she cannot manifest without the Sun. Her light is his light reflected. The Sun is the masculine principle in his full glory. A child is in the Sun card while the feminine moon is now hidden from view. Both the masculine and the feminine have worked together to create this child of joy, wonder, and happiness. The emphasis is on together.

Now in our spread, The Sun card is absent. All we see is the moon. And we even see two of them, one in the first row and the second in the next row! Instead of the Sun card, we see the Fool reversed (which incidentally includes the sun). The masculine is being exposed to the power of the dream, illusion, new possibilities, and intuitive creativity: all energies that are required before manifestation. But the Fool reversed indicates that the masculine, instead of being encouraged to discover this strange new world, to risk it all to be in it and to create from within it, he is literally made to be the Fool, who doesn’t know what he is doing, where to begin. He is in overwhelm and will very likely give up. The feminine in her extreme power becomes an uncontrollable volatile power. She is beautiful and terrible at the same time and he is consequently both attracted and repelled. He feels he is being set up for failure, and she is becoming exasperated with him. And the more exasperated she becomes, the more volatile and beautiful and terrible she appears: she is always increasing her power as the masculine begins to recede and step away. Thus, we have the Action card reversed. There is no action, no manifestation, no progress in the union between the two on earth. Separation begins. The horses run away in fear.

The reversed Nine of Wands continues this story, as the masculine, no matter what he does, no matter how much energy he manages to muster and attempt to cultivate in the soil, he will never be able to giver her what and how she wants it. She is moving too rapidly and becoming powerful too quickly. He cannot keep up. It is like trying to chase and tame a tornado. Her own transformation in this twin flame journey is happening at such an accelerated pace, that he will not be able to keep up with her enough to feel like he can get anything out of it. And so we have the Cornucopia card. Her power, her gifts, the depth of her light and love is clearly abundant to him. But he is overwhelmed. His only choice is to abandon his post.

And so we then have the reversed Two of Cups. Now the upright Two of Cups points to a relationship that is on equal footing, both are offering their cups of equal size. Both are honoring each other. They are in love. But since this is reversed, there is division between the two. The division is the infamous “separation” of the twin flame dynamic as mentioned above. This separation is usually blamed upon the runner of the two and usually the masculine is perceived as the one who is doing the running. But Spirit is telling us that the cause of separation is within the powers of both. But note the Man Holding a Heart card. This card indicates that the masculine loves his feminine. The separation is not due to lack of love, but simply a lack of balance in this space and in this time. The only way for separation to not happen is if the energies of both are balanced: the feminine providing and empowering the creative and potential energy of the union, and the masculine providing the work and manifestation of that union. The masculine must be given space and time to complete his work. He needs this. She needs to let him do that. The feminine’s close relationship to intuition and dreams allows her to see so many possibilities and avenues and options. – and very quickly. This is the reason why she can become too demanding, impatient, and frustrated with the masculine. The masculine is about grounding her energy, choosing something and manifesting it deeply and in a way that it will last forever. It is very slow going not because he is lazy or awakened, but because work takes lots of time and energy in this third dimensional reality. He is not interested in chasing dreams like rainbows, but choosing one and making it stick and remain on the earth. But if the feminine is imbalanced, she will overwhelm the masculine, not allowing him to even get started. She becomes a tidal wave upon his shore, ever removing the sandcastles he begins to build. She will not allow him the time and space to manifest the heaven on earth she wants.

It is important to note that the feminine is more aware of the name and nature of this twin flame connection, because she can see it in its potential, in its dream state, in its infancy. But she will not get anywhere without manifestation in union on earth today or tomorrow in this life. In that sense, she is just as misguided as the masculine is, but in a different way. She doesn’t fully understand her large role in causing the separation- yet.

Let us continue to look.

The next card is the Six of Wands. The Six of Wands shows a man upon a horse who is apparently celebrating his own victory. This is the false victory that the feminine celebrates when she feels her own power within herself and within the feminine community. It is false simply because of the context of this card. It is upright because she believes it is in fact true, and she tells herself that she is somehow more in tune and more awakened than her masculine counterpart. The Fifth Chakra reversed card in the second row indicates that this in fact the lie and that the feminine suffers an imbalance in her throat chakra. The victory can never manifest through her mere words. The lack of victory could never be made more clear than the next card. Until the feminine removes herself from the he vs she, us vs them polarity, the separation will continue.

The Emperor reversed is a powerful statement about the position of the masculine energy inside the world of the divine feminine. He has been completely turned upside down. This card indicates a breakdown of the masculine will and power – the power to manifest in the world, the power to make things happen, the power to procreate with the feminine. Again, the separation and wild nature of the feminine has made this impossible for him. Even if he wants to, even if he longs to be with her, he feels scared, overwhelmed and terrified of doing her wrong. He prefers to go it alone, and of course, in the process he diminishes his own power, as he strays further and further from his own power which must receive energy from his feminine in order to blossom. She in turn, as seen through the “All Tied Up” card reversed has been set free. In fact, both have been set free and both of them are dis-empowered as a result. The wide separation between the masculine and the feminine always leads to extreme behavior within both, that is destructive to both and to the world. For those who are interested, there is a tragic play written by Euripides called The Bacchae which deals with this very issue when the women become seduced by the wild Dionysus. They abandon their feminine roles in civilization for the wild. The consequences are catastrophic both for man and woman.

The reversed Three of Swords illuminates the end and purpose of all of this separation, namely, to heal the feminine’s broken heart – and the masculine’s as well. The separation is for healing the pain caused by each other upon each other. This is why waiting for your twin to return without doing the healing work will lead to prolong separations and prolonged agony. The Door to Romance is currently shut during this healing process because having these two powerful energies together when they are at such extremes in their powers will cause them to destroy each other, and not only each other but all those close to them and even the world.

I am grateful that Spirit has communicated this message to me, as it reveals the power and beauty of the twin flame separation. Many find it painful and difficult, but we only do so when we are not busy discovering who we are and why we are where we are at this time and place. You are already in union with your twin. There is no true separation except in the way it manifests on this earth in this three dimensional reality. This is just the work we have to do to make the union happen. Feminines need to become more aware of the nature of their own power, not in order to only improve self worth and become cheerleaders for feminine power. Twin flame is not just about self realization, but it is also about self-moderation and balancing of our own inner masculine and feminine powers. Self awareness, awareness of what we are doing, who we are as feminines, who we are as masculines, is key to awakening. And the majority of us – if not all of us – are not completely awakened yet. We are still mostly asleep in our beauty. But we are learning, we are learning to balance and to grow and still maintain that balance. That is the tricky part. It is easy to indulge ourselves in our own power and quickly declare a victory. Let’s try to help each other avoid that and instead remove the need for victory over anything. We are just on a journey, a journey to acquire balance, love,poise and beauty, and most of all, union with our beloved on this blessed Earth.

Light and Love,

Illumination of Addiction: Collective Masculine

Divine Masculine: Energies for Jan 20-26 2019

Modern society approaches everything with excess. It teaches us to solve big problems with big solutions. But we don’t really have big problems. We make them big. That is why the big solutions don’t work.

It should always be remembered that we as humans experience or express the experience of a constant flow of energy. And just like we don’t “feel” most of our body in its operation, we also don’t “feel” those more subtle energies that flow within and without us. This energy manifests in various ways and can be perceived as manifesting – or not perceived at all. We can simultaneously flow with these energies or may try to inhibit them. But because there is a lack of awareness of these energies, we often find that we are unable to find balance, connection and symmetry within ourselves. We exaggerate our own understanding of who we are, our relationships, and the world we live in. We downplay the things that are most important.

To make matters worse, modern society teaches us to look away from our imbalances, our chaos, and our neglect and instead encourages us to puff ourselves up and appear to be strong and powerful. The end result are hidden feelings of helplessness and unfulfillment and even worse – shame.

We live in Deceit. Note the Deceit card in the second row.

Today I am taking a look at the masculine energies in the collective. I am using three decks: the standard Rider-Waite deck, Energy Oracle deck by Sandra Anne Taylor, and the Archangel Power cards by Radleigh Valentine. The first row is a general overview of current masculine energies and is the theme of the reading. The second row is a more detailed view of the impact of those energies. The third are messages from spirit about the situation as it is unfolding.

This reading is of the masculine but the masculine energies are within all of us and so must be balanced accordingly. So if you are a woman reading this, the reading still applies to you.

Also, because this reading is a collective masculine reading, it does not differentiate the degrees of differences as expressed through individual people. For example, in picking up addictive behavior in the cards, this behavior might be quite mild and apparently innocuous in some masculines (too much gym time), but severe in another (alcoholism). The degree and power of these energies varies within the individuals; but in the collective it is a general condition. It is important therefore always apply what feels right in your current situation.

First Row (Rider-Waite)
I will begin at the beginning, not the first card, but the core of the reading. The core of this reading, the message that it wants to send is that there is a lack of balance in the life of the masculine. We have a reversed King of Cups which indicates an emotional state that is chaotic. There have of course been methods devised to contain the emotional chaos, but they are simply containers. They are not actually improving emotional state. Mastery is lacking. Where mastery is lacking, there is brute force. The masculine has been cleaning his room by throwing all the junk in the closet. He cleans his clothes by kicking them under the bed. He deals with emotions by distractions, work, and other forms of self soothing. It is a method of deceit and concealment.

Deceit is an energy that can easily spread to all areas of the body and soul. In this reading I am definitely seeing it as some kind of pervasive dis-ease.

As in all collective readings, the degree of this deceit depends on the individual.

The appearance of the reversed King of Cups can indicate all forms of emotional breakdown and the artificial means of making it appear to go away. These containment systems may give temporary reprieve from the emotional difficulties, but they never work in the long run. Addictive and excessive behavior: drugs, alcohol, sex, gaming, overeating, overexercising, overworking are some of the many toxic ways emotions are cloaked and kept out of the way.

This emotional containment is a collective issue; for within modern society there is a great amount of encouragement towards excessive behaviors and attitudes. The masculine energy has been trained to keep “strong” and hide deep confronting emotions. As a result, the masculine is very caught up in this excessive behavior and is very resistant towards removing it. He is an emotional volcano that has been laying dormant for many many years. Much of his current energy is devoted to containing it. Society helps him. His methods are quite unhealthy.

The reversed Star has a very striking presence in this spread. It indicates a certain hopelessness, a chaos that sees no end. It also indicates a lack of balance and illness. Note the upside down Healer of the Ages in the second row. There is a lack of health around the masculine energy. His untended emotional state and his addiction to society’s approved excesses is taking a toll on his health in a very big way. It is also leading to cynicism, doubt, and self deprecation.

But all is not lost. It never is. This state of things, once brought into awareness, will not last much longer. The presence of Temperance in the first row and the archangel Gabriel in the second indicates a powerful divine force that is also present and currently awakening the dormant masculine power.

The reversed 4 of Swords indicates a much needed rest and respite for the masculine. Rest here doesn’t mean escape, but it is clear that the knight laying on the table looks like a sarcophagus. The masculine is actually dormant in his energies like the volcano but he is illuminated as gold as he sleeps with one of the swords beneath him. There is opportunity ahead even though it has not awakened. The golden illumined quality of the card beckons the Temperance card which depicts the Archangel Michael intervening and helping the masculine to become aware of the need to balance his emotional cups, to consider the flow of life in all its grand beauty and to be open to following where that road leads. The kingdom of the masculine sits far into the distance. The masculine has not claimed or earned that crown yet. He is just receiving that angelic energy to let go of trying to control his emotions, and instead learn how to flow with and guide them.

Temperance is a major arcana card. It is not something that can be completed, done and dusted. It is something we strive for. As we add new elements and energies to our lives, we need to rework our balance. It is something that requires constant vigilance, just as walking requires vigilance. The masculine energy must learn to balance and keep the balance, to flow with the emotions and navigate them, rather than to hide them and suppress them. When discovering new terrain he must pay close attention so that he does not fall. And even when he does fall, he must be able to get up and try to achieve that balance once again. Living life is flowing and when the sailboat breaks, he must begin to build again, or improve on what remains. There is no other option if he wishes to move forward.

Finally, to end this row on a more positive note, the two of wands is the masculine awake. He is no longer sleeping. There is hope after all, but it must be appreciated on a smaller scale. Our society teaches the masculine that he needs to be big and do big things in the world if he is going to be worth anything. This is simply another deceit that leads the masculine astray. We must not set our goals too far and wide. One step of a time is best, in the appropriate time and place. Again, there must be balance in how we approach the energy that inspires us towards our goals. The two of wands is where the masculine needs to be. He is just a man holding a model of the world. But the world he sees in his hand is nothing like the world that he is gazing out towards. He recognizes this and is fine with it. The magnificent calm waters. The proud mountains. The clear sky. The sun is not yet present for him, but he can see clearly and calmly where he might like to go. He leans on one of the wands that is unattached to the wall. He is preparing. He is not ready to let go – yet. But he can take that option when he figures out how to travel the emotional seas without being pulled under. He wants to take on the real world. Not the deceitful one. That is why the Temperance card is required. In order to achieve big things, we must first pay attention to the small ones. He must receive and be in that communication.

Second Row (Energy Oracle)
The second row is precise and to the point.

As always, hope arrives in the form of Archangel Gabriel in the second row. The communication is key here. The masculine is currently receiving this communication that his old ways are not working and that he must take care of himself. It is quite urgent, this message. Consider the upside down “Healer of the Ages” and “Man Holding a Coin” and “Financial Constraints”. The reversed man with a coin indicates issues with not only health but money as well. There is a lack of physical attention to health in the collective: not enough doctor visits, not enough or excessive exercise. Obsessions with food and weight. It can be any of these things. The reversed king of cups way of being has dire consequences on the physical plane. Our bodies suffer when our emotional energies are not flowing but are being hidden and concealed, stashed away and suppressed. Control is never a good option. It is a very violent option.

The presence of financial constraints in the collective is making health very difficult in our society, and the masculine energies are suffering this. Nearly every one of my masculine spreads during the past month have included this card. There is a lot of general worry about money and it causes more emotional issues and difficulties as I described above. There is clearly an avoidance of dealing with these matters head on, and so there is a tendency to want to bury these matters in partying, drink, gaming, drugs, or other sorts of entertainment.

Third Row (Archangel Power)
The third row gives us the light that we need to be strong in what we must face about ourselves. The Sun is the first card I drew. It is the masculine energy. It is the sun that is not shown in the two of Wands card. The Sun is always present. You just have to feel it. You need to let it in. It is so easy to go about our days, our months, and our years and not even remember that it is there giving the world life, sustenance, growth. The powerful masculine energy is already there for us. It is within us all and in all the earth. It is this sun energy that will allow the masculine to gain mastery over his emotional oceans and tides. And when he does he will be able to channel his emotional power into art, relationships, partnerships. He will be able, through harnessing his will and taming his emotions, manifest his deepest desires. The sun is the power of masculine love and authority. His will can manifest the light on earth.

But first, we have nine of Michael. Before the masculine can manifest his desires, he must use the strength of the sun to cut through old patterns of guilt, regret and worry. These particular emotions are the very things that are keeping him from the sun. They are dark shadows and shades of the past, perhaps past lives, old attachments and bindings.

What most don’t tell you about illumination is that the first things that get illuminated are all the things we didn’t want anyone – including ourselves – to see. It is a challenging and difficult journey, but the rewards are far
greater than the pain and regret of never taking it.